What if your nonprofit increased donations by 37%?

What if you could get those kind of results with just one change to your website, instead of dropping thousands on a brand new design?

Donation increases from a website assessmentWhen I worked with New Sanctuary Movement, we found out their donation form was causing a lot of trouble. It was super long, unclear, and not responsive for mobile.

I helped them make a few small tweaks so it displayed properly on mobile phones. Like magic, donations poured through the site, destroying their monthly average by a whopping 37%.

This was all from that one change. Imagine which changes could do the same for you.

Schedule a free website assessment, and we’ll identify the low-hanging fruit on your website together.

I will designate 30-45 minutes for a call to solely focus on you and your organization’s website. During our time together, we’ll cover the following:

  • Your nonprofit’s challenges
  • Your goals for the website
  • Personalized tactics to achieve your goals
  • Whether it’s the right time to improve your website
  • The 3-step process that can multiply your online donations