Fast and Secure WordPress Hosting

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Your website is a critical part of your nonprofit’s marketing. But managing the website is a royal pain. Whether you’re dealing with an unresponsive webmaster, or trying to DIY it all, there doesn’t seem to be an easier way.

That’s why I developed this WordPress hosting package. It virtually eliminates headaches from self-managing your website. In a word, I make sure your server & website always run smoothly, so you can worry about editing its content and design. This plan includes:

1. Fast and reliable hosting

Your server will boast some of the fastest speeds available and 99.9% uptime. Cloudflare CDN is included, so your website loads as quickly as possible across the globe. It also displays a cached version of your website in the case of that 0.1% downtime.

2. Instant, automatic updates

Plugins, themes, and small core updates will be implemented automatically. Improves functionality and protects from hackers.

3. Smart Firewall and Malware scans

Your website is protected by both a Layer 7 and Web-Application Firewall. An installed plugin will also regularly scan for malware.

4. Daily backups

In the event that some malware penetrates the firewall, your website is protected by always having a back-up. 2 weeks of backups are stored.

5. 24/7 monitoring and email/call/text support

I’m notified whenever something is wrong with the server, and available for any questions or issues you might have.


$25 / mo

I’ll get in contact with you immediately about transferring your website.




The Fine Print:

– Email hosting is not included in price, but you may be eligible for free email hosting through Google for Nonprofits. Otherwise, email is available at $1/user/month.

– Monthly bandwidth limit: 250GB

– Storage limit: 3.5GB

– Available RAM: 512MB

– If your website is determined to be exceeding the size limits of this plan, your plan will be bumped up to the next fee schedule (Add’l $10/mo). Moving back down incurs a $20 service fee, for labor, in order to move your website back onto the original server.

– Support only covers external threats to the website. Any fix for client error is billed at current hourly rate.

– Urgent website/server issues will be addressed within 6 hours, non-urgent issues will be addressed within 2 business days. Urgent issues are limited to those that impede normal operation of the client’s business.