I will empower you to succeed, no matter your budget.


That’s the philosophy that drives my work.

Have lots of time, but dwindling funds?
I’ll give you the tools to do it yourself, and do it well.

Have some extra cash, but no free time?
I’ll stretch your dollar to the max, and tell you how I did it.

Below are some examples of how I helped nonprofits constrained by time, money and resources achieve their goals.

The viral post for New Sanctuary Movement of Philadelphia
The viral post. Over 55k reached and 600+ shares.

When I worked with New Sanctuary,

….I built a social media strategy that capitalized on the media attention they already had.

We developed a Facebook post that went viral.

A live-feed of the event on Periscope motivated people across the country to donate.

In total, we spent $0 to bring in new donors and 200+ supporters.

With Mother Foundation USA,

…we built a simple but beautiful website.

It enabled the support of 15 children in need, with a budget under $1,000.

Suyin Karlsen of Mother Foundation USAEssentially, Jason did everything, and continues to maintain our website. His expertise, skills and techniques in website design are unequivocally quite superior to what we had found on the market.

He is intelligent, industrious, very knowledgeable, accessible and easy to work with.

Our Board of Directors recommend him most earnestly if you are a novice to this field, or don’t have the time to invest. In Jason, you will find a designer that won’t disappoint.


While working with The Waltonian,

The waltonian website

…I discovered the student-run newspaper was paying lots of money for a clunky website nobody visited.

We built a robust, easy-to-use WordPress site for 90% less.

The staff saves 4 hours a month on website maintenance, and $900 a month in fees.

With all that free time and money, The Waltonian made the website into the top destination for news on campus.

By keeping projects lean, and measuring results along the way, we’ll make your nonprofit’s communications an investment, not an expense.

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