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10+ awesome Snapchat geofilter ideas for your nonprofit

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Last week we broke the story on Snapchat geofilters, and how they can be an awesome supplement to your nonprofit’s social media strategy. If you’re still unfamiliar with them, check out this short demo video by Snapchat: These simple picture overlays have a lot of potential, so this week we’ll brainstorm 10+ Snapchat geofilter ideas for your organization. […]

Why Snapchat geofilters should be your nonprofit’s new favorite social media tactic

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I just found out something awesome–Snapchat geofilters are for sale and they are mega cheap. Like $5 cheap. You might not know what Snapchat is, let alone what “geofilters” are, but have no fear! You can use this new tactic to measurably boost your social media presence in 1 hour or less. I’ll use this time to dig […]

How to use Gmail with your own custom domain (for free)

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People love the familiar Gmail interface, but using Gmail with your own domain isn’t free, and resorting to isn’t very professional. For a long-term solution, I recommend signing up for Google for Nonprofits. It’s free and made to handle business-level IT needs. But if you only have a couple people in your organization, here’s a quick […]

Towards a kinder, gentler, HTML email framework

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UPDATE: The Kinder, Gentler HTML Framework is now the Vanilla Framework, updated and greatly improved. Read about at the Github repository, here.   As many of my coding colleagues know, writing HTML for emails is a frustrating process. Web developers get to play with a myriad of frameworks, snippets and themes, while we in email land are […]

Is Google for Nonprofits right for you? The complete run-down

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Find out exactly what Google for Nonprofits (aka Google Grants, aka Google Apps for Nonprofits, aka G Suite for Nonprofits) is and the rules for eligibility.